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Your 100% Discovery Guide on K-Drama “Start-up.”

Source: CJ ENM

K-Drama “Start-up” is now On-Air (tvn) and over the Netflix platform from 24th October.

The official release time for the episodes of Start-up will be 10:00 AM EST (7 AM PST) on Saturday and Sunday – as per the usual schedule for K-dramas.

Directed by Oh Choong-Hwan, the viewers will judge whether the director can hit the back-to-back home run. He led “My Love from the Star” in 2014, “Doctors” in 2016, “While You Were Sleeping” in 2017, and “Hotel Del Luna” in 2019.


The Story begins as follows;

The Story is based on the startup ecosystem, including the tale of Silicon Valley.

Seo Dal-mi (Acted by Bae Suzy) – a contract worker who wants to turn over her life to a startup. Nam Dosan (Acted by Nam Joo-Hyuk) is a founder of Samsan Tech and wants to succeed. Finally, Han Ji-Pyeong (Acted by Kim Sun-Ho) – a chief task leader in SH Venture Capital, and Won In-Jae (Acted by Kang Han- Na) – starting a startup not to be abandoned by her Chaebol stepfather make the Story a startup life.

Seo Dal-Mi (SUZY BAE) source: tvn

When their parents divorced, Dal-mi chose to stay with her father, a man with no cash reserves but a great business idea. The older sister, Won In-Jae, played by Kang Han-na, chose to stay with their mother, who married again, this time to a rich man.

At the start of the drama, Dal-mi is determined and enterprising but also broke. In-Jae is a successful businesswoman whose business was financed by her stepfather. In-Jae is speaking at a conference when Dal-mi confronts her about her choice.

Won In-Jae (KAng Han-na) Source: tvn

Won In-Jae, who said she was sick of poverty, said, “Time will tell you. “Whose choice was right,” she said, adding, “The emotional tension between the two has deepened.

It is curious to know the next Story of the two sisters, who have come to live poles apart with different values, standing at the same starting line of startups and competing again.

Making up the Dreams in SANDBOX, Source: tvn

And everything happens within the SANDBOX, the startup ecosystem.

Two more things.

According to the anonymous source within the Start-up team, the K-Drama was planned three years ago. The original title was “SANDBOX” at that time. “SANDBOX” is the name of the leading MCN companies in South Korea. “SANDBOX” is the competitor of CJ E&M within the MCN business. Therefore, the title changed from “SANDBOX” to “Start-up.”

When you go to the cinema to watch Marvel movies, you never leave your seat before checking the post-credit scene. Director Oh has adopted the post-credit set within all the K-Dramas he has directed. Like you can get the clue for the next episode in a Marvel movie, the K-Drama startup predicts the next episode.

The pickool team checked all contents via TVN in South Korea and Netflix globally. All the contents, even the ending credit, are the same.

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