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LINE Doctor Records 293% YoY Growth Amid Hay Fever Surge

Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan / Unsplash

LINE Healthcare, a subsidiary of LINE Corporation, reported a remarkable 293% year-on-year increase in medical consultations through its LINE Doctor online service in March 2023.

This is the highest number of consultations since the service was launched in December 2020.

The growth is primarily attributed to a surge in demand for hay fever medication and prescription drug delivery services.

LINE Doctor allows users to schedule medical appointments, receive treatment via free video calls, and make payments through the LINE application.

In addition, the platform eliminates the need to download a new app, allowing LINE users to access medical care when they feel unwell through the popular communication application.

Furthermore, to expand the scope of the service, LINE Healthcare will introduce a prescription drug delivery service in December 2022, covering all areas of Japan.

The demand for online medical and prescription drug delivery services has increased not only due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and seasonal flu and unusually high pollen levels this year.

Approximately 80% of the medications requested in March 2023 were for hay fever, demonstrating the compatibility of online medical care and medication delivery services for hay fever patients.

Other drugs in high demand included dermatology, rhinitis, and cold medicines.

A survey of LINE Doctor users showed that the benefits of the service include accessibility regardless of the local medical environment, efficient communication with doctors for chronic diseases requiring regular medication, and time-saving benefits for busy people and parents of young children.

In addition, the platform has received positive feedback from users who appreciate the convenience of online consultations and same-day medication delivery.

Doctors who use the online medical service have also praised its efficiency, as have representatives from Nippon Pharmacy, a collaborator in the online medication guide.

According to Katsunori Baba, Deputy General Manager of the Pharmaceutical Planning Department at Nippon Chofu, the widespread use of the LINE application is a significant advantage because users do not need to install a new application to access the service.

As the demand for online medical services continues to grow, LINE Healthcare aims to incorporate feedback from users and medical institutions to improve the LINE Doctor platform further and provide more convenient services to patients throughout Japan.