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Naver's DEVIEW 2023 showcases advanced tech solutions and commitment to super-scale AI.

Source: Naver

Naver’s DEVIEW 2023 conference, the largest developer conference in South Korea, showcased Naver’s commitment to advanced technology and communication.

The CEO of Naver Cloud kicked off the conference by discussing how AI, such as ChatGPT, is bringing significant changes to the world.

Naver Cloud is leading this transformation by leveraging ultra-scale AI technology and cloud SaaS business.

The CEO revealed that Naver Cloud would release HYPER-CLOVA X, a hyper-scale AI that customers can optimize for their needs.

In addition, the Head of Hyperscale AI Technology at Naver Cloud explained the advantages of HYPER-CLOVA X.

At the same time, the CTO of Naver Cloud discussed the infrastructure essential for hyper-scale AI, including AI semiconductor solutions and hyper-scale IDCs.

Dr. Yongbeom Kim, Chief Scientist of Naver Search US, explained Naver’s next-generation search technology project, SearchGPT.

The project uses HYPERCLOVA as the backbone of OCEAN, a large-scale search language model specialized for Naver search.

The project focuses on reliable information in connection with Naver services and multimodality for effective information delivery.

It aims to generate accurate and reliable information, provide information optimized for user search intent, and create intuitive forms using images, videos, and speech.

DEVIEW began as an internal technology event at Naver in 2008.

It has since established itself as a premier developer conference, attracting developers from various fields in South Korea and abroad by sharing the latest technologies and trends in the IT field.

With 46 sessions covering AI/ML, cloud, web, search, mobile, NLP, data, recommendation, and infrastructure, the 15th edition of DEVIEW 2023 was held at COEX Seoul, South Korea.

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